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Sourcing, Shipping, Distribution | ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION

Sourcing, Shipping, Distribution | ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION

Our goal is to be the link between buyers and all players in need: logistics operators, suppliers, quality control, distribution center, customs agent. We provide a personalised offer depending on the case basis to develop an accurate and unique solution for your business !


Sourcing - Your concept, your idea, we source, we order, we deliver

We develop close relationship with our customer to find, develop and produce the product they are looking for. We will check through our suppliers network based in Asia (mainly in China) according to your requirements : budget, product specification, delay, compliance and standards... 

We help you create a unique product and solution 

Shipping - Global Connection, by air and sea, transport on land accross continents at the best prices on the market

Our scope of work does not stop with your purchases assistance, quality controls or certification of your products, we support you throughout the whole chain of your product. Get the necessary assistance on all of your supply chain, from product research to delivery in your warehouse, leave us the paperwork and focus on your marketing and new partnerships.

3PL - Your project, our distribution system and process

In addition to the fact that we are present in Asia and Europe, we are the only French-speaking company capable of managing the entire import cycle of your product: Purchase, quality control, upgrading, international transport freight and cargo, 3PL services (B2C distribution). We tried to find a competitor... but nope, don't have any :) 

How to get a detailed quote  ?

It's very simple ! Take your package and pay for your entrance fees of 450 euros. You'll receive a form to complete duly. An expert will answer you within 7 business days to analyze your project and build a tailor-made solution that will be in line with your needs (and budget). 

Why pay 450 euros you might ask ? Because we will study the eligibility and feasibility of your project with our deep knowledge and expertise of the Asian import-export market. Because you'll receive a tailor made offer matching your exact needs and your budget. We will present you alternatives You benefit from a network we built with years of expertise, experience and prices in Asia that you'd never get by yourself. Because all work deserve to be paid.

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