Real Estate in Portugal

Why Invest in Real Estate in Portugal

  • A property like a house in the south of France but at Portuguese prices !
  • Luxury real estate developments at very competitive prices
  • A property equivalent to a house in Spain with in addition the quality of the landscapes and the Portuguese coasts where real estate density has been controlled by the State
  • Recognized building quality
  • Excellent opportunities due to the current lack of market liquidity
  • Low depreciation risks in the medium and long term; Portugal did not suffer a financial bubble.
  • A legislation that protects buyers and oversees the market.

At a time of crisis in Portugal, is an investment really appropriate?

  • Yes, it is precisely in times of crisis that the best opportunities can be found. Indeed, prices are historically low as a result of the ongoing crisis. Taking a long-term approach, Portuguese real estate has never been more attractive. Prices have stabilized since 2002 and strongly declined in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

  • Real estate prices compared to other European countries are therefore very accessible.

For example, the financial commitment required is a lot less important than for a property investment in France. In addition, a deep-rooted trend has emerged in the present economic conditions: a rise in the demand on the rental market. Because of the difficulties in financing their purchases, the Portuguese rely more and more on rented accommodations, which ensures a good rental level, both in terms of prices and the selection of candidates.

Finally, the Law on the eviction of bad paying tenants has just been updated and is now very favourable to owners, which makes rental investment safe and profitable.

ROI are good compared to some cities such as Paris or London where high square metre prices are capping the average rental returns to approximately 3%.

Lisbon can offer average returns between 5% to 10% for rental apartments for individuals.

In commercial real estate, it is not uncommon to see the return rate climb up to 12%.


  • The cadastral system is well defined, and the market closely supervised.

  • It is today impossible to buy a property that does not exist, or which is not declared, without prior knowledge.

  • Legislation and regulations, in Portugal, on the one hand, and in the EU, on the other hand, allow you to secure your investment.

  • 10.3 million inhabitants

  • 300 days of sunshine per year

  • 950km of coastline

  • A stable country

The Portuguese real estate market in a few words

The Portuguese real estate market is characterised by a good quality of supply and relative price stability. It represents a solid investment option, particularly in the residential tourism sector.

The current circumstances of the Portuguese economy are favourable to the development of the rental market, the rental law has been reformed making the rental market more dynamic. It has made it possible to simplify and speed up eviction procedures, among other things.

No speculative bubble in Portugal

All the data analysed show that Portugal has not experienced a speculative bubble in the real estate market and value the absence of overvaluation of housing.

The real estate market is therefore quite secure: the absence of overvaluation of housing reduces any future price corrections.

The real estate sector in Portugal therefore represents a solid investment.

A fabulous environment

The Mediterranean climate and its exceptional brightness (300 days of sunshine a year)

The Ocean always close by

The biological and ecological diversity (surprisingly varied landscapes considering the actual size of the country)

An impressive historic heritage

Accessibility from anywhere

Good access to and from the European Union (daily flights from main airports at competitive prices)

Modern infrastructures (very good road network)

You just found peace of mind

One of the lowest crime levels in the world

Portuguese are warm, welcoming and generally speak some English and French

A stable political system in the short, medium and long term.

A Land of Opportunities !

A stable country, inexpensive with an advantageous tax system.

A cost of living among the lowest in the European Union providing a comfortable lifestyle

European health system and a European currency

No major financial risks (exchange rate, inflation, interest rates are all controlled by the European Central Bank)

Facilitated procedures and a totally transparent purchase process for foreign buyers

An advantageous tax system: no inheritance and donation taxes for Portuguese residents, special exemption regime or reduced income tax for non-habitual residents

Still considered today as a leading and safe investment by many French and British residents,

All the real estate services you need in one place.

Invest in Portugal with a team of professionals that can help you with all the legal issues, consulting, property management, visas etc.

  • Lisbon Downtown

    4 800 € per sqm

  • Silver Coast / West Coast

    2 200 € per sqm

  • Algarve / South Portugal

    3 900 € per sqm

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