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Company formation, your LDA in Portugal, Lisbon

Company formation, your LDA in Portugal, Lisbon

Start your business with confidence with a company in Portugal !

What we do 

We create an LDA is a commercial company with a minimum capital of €1. The equivalent in France of SARL or SAS. It is possible to set up the company with a single partner. This formula will allow you to constitute in 2 hours and in a single trip, the company, with its statutes signed before the Portuguese administration, its intra-community VAT number (in addition) as well as its bank accounts and that operational very quickly. Our firm can also take care of the domiciliation of your company, in our offices in Lisbon, with a return of mail to the address that you will indicate to us.
Accounting being compulsory in Portugal, our internal accounting department can assist you in the tax management of your company, so that your company remains in good standing with the Portuguese tax and social administration.

Our pack includes:

  • Company name certificate.
  • Obtaining the tax identification number (NIF).
  • Drafting and signing of statutes.
  • Immediate allocation of the intra-community number (extra). Opening of bank accounts.
  • Commercial registry fees.
  • Procedures and support for opening bank accounts.

Step-1.  Selection Type of Company (LDA, UNIPESSAL, SA, SC, SNC, EIRL)

Step-2. Personal Portuguese tax number of funders (NIF)

Step-3. We provide with an Address for Company formation in Portugal (1 year)

Step-4. Transferring power of attorney to (LAWYER, NOTARY, TAX RESIDENT OF PORTUGAL)

Step-5.  Name selection of your future Company in Portugal (PRE-EXISTING NAME HERE JUSTICA.GOV.PT)

Step-6. Drafting memorandum of understanding (MOU)

Step-7. Singing documents and MOU (FUNDERS)

Step-8. We pay the state fees and do all the registration for you

Step-9. Get Company certificate of registration (ONLINE ACCESS CODE)

Step-10.  Apply Beneficiary certificate (FOR COMPANY BANK OPERATION)

Step-11.  We accompany you to open a company bank account (BUSINESS ACCOUNT)

Taxation in Portugal

Income tax for residents 14.5% to 48% 
Income tax for non-residents 25%. 
Social security on tax  Salaries 11% + 23.75% 
value-added taxes (VAT)  23%
corporate taxes 25%


FAQ Company Formation in Portugal

Q: Can a person start an offshore company in Portugal?

 A: “YES,” but he or she can process their immigration file or gain any benefits.

Q: What are UNIPAL and LDA?

 A: UNIPAL; Individual Company holds 100% share by shareholder & LDA: Private Limited Liability Company consists of several shareholders & directors in the company. 

Q: What is the duration of Company activation in tax, social & labour departments?

A: Approximately 15 days or latter subject to a fine.

Q: What is the minimum capital required for the startup/ formation of each company?

A: 1 Euro onwards 

Q: After starting a company in Portugal, can the business be widespread in the entire European continent?

A: “yes,” but only in the EU countries.

Q: Do the Portuguese government provide financial aids regarding private business startups?

A: “YES,” but only if the business idea is employment generating and environmentally friendly, then the Portugal GOVT. It allows you to present your picture in front of a committee of investors.

Q: Do we need to form more than one company to execute more than one business idea?

A: “No,” with only one company, several ideas posterior created.

Q: What are the taxes of a person starting up a business?

A: VAT, income tax,  corporate and social contribution.

Q: Does having a company helps you to get residency?

A: “YES,” it is possible.

Q: Is Portugal investment friendly?

A: “YES,” Portugal offers several opportunities in the field of real estate, agriculture, IT, call centre, etc.

So now that you understand the many benefits of forming your own limited company, get your company formed online, quickly and professionally with us.

We are here to help you with any questions you may have – feel free to contact us for more info or if you still hesitate, get your ONE-HOUR Consultancy to determine what would be the best jurisdiction for you!

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