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Accountant in Portugal for your Company or Private needs

Accountant in Portugal for your Company or Private needs

A good accountant in Portugal is vital for any successful business. We remind you that having an accountant for your company is MANDATORY from day 1. Even if you do not have any activity. For the starters, we propose a unique service too in option, we reduce drastically our price in order for you to get started legally but yet do not pay too much for a "sleeping accountant". Most of accountancy companies in Portugal won't accept it.... but we do.

The tax advisor in Portugal helps you hold the record of transactions, manage your documents, and develop your company. All the accounting services give an entrepreneur the basis for the analysis of the business trajectory and further decisions. 

Our professional team of licensed public accountants in Portugal, providing accounting and tax related services. Our team consists of qualified professionals each with experience and specialisation in different areas.

Tax And Accounting Services For Expats In Portugal

GRCO is the one-stop expat Portugal company that can help you with:

  • Navigate Portugal’s Golden Visa or NHR taxes
  • Set up tax efficient international business structures
  • Prepare your income tax in Portugal and your home-country

OUR PRICE: 160€/month

What you get ?


VAT exempt Enterpreneur
Entrepreneur subject to VAT
VAT exempt companies
Companies subject to VAT
Salary processing
Extra salaries
Business plans

Factors that may affect the price:

Number of documents per month

Business area (commerce, industry, retail, services, etc.) 
Annual income
Wether or not the company has income or expenses to and from abroad

Accounting services include the following services:
Accounting entries
Submission of all tax statements (model 22-IRC, IES, model 10, VAT, Withholdings, invoicing SAFT, etc.)
Inventory fiscal integration
Issuance of payment guides of taxes and other fiscal liabilities
Periodic accounting report to the manager or owner adapted to the needs
Preparation of the Fiscal File
Eventually other services, according to special circumstanes
They do not include (these will be billed separately if requested):
Tax or business consultancy
Applications for grants
Internship processes
Extra services (copies, permanent certificates, commercial registry, etc.)
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